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If you’re addicted to narcotic substances like pain medications or heroin, you may need help ending your addiction and regaining control of your life. The Team at Pacifica Care of Suncoast in Punta Gorda, Florida, offer chemical dependency treatment programs including Suboxone treatment, group meetings, and one-to-one therapy to help you recover from your opioid addiction. If you’re ready to regain control of your life, call or make an appointment online today.

Suboxone Q & A

What is addiction?

Addiction is a complicated illness that causes compulsive substance use even though there are severely negative and harmful consequences to your health, relationships, and life. You can become addicted to a wide range of substances including narcotics, alcohol, or even tobacco.

If you have an addiction, you experience distorted thinking and behaviors. Your perceived need for a substance is caused by changes in your brain chemistry that create intense cravings for the drug and reduce your ability to stop using it. Many narcotic substances cause severe withdrawal symptoms that you may be tempted to alleviate by using the substance again.

Abusing drugs and other substances can lead to further changes in your brain chemistry that last long after the initial feelings of intoxication. Additionally, prolonged use of certain substances can lead to an increased tolerance that makes you need greater quantities to feel intoxicated or eventually, to even feel normal.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a drug that is prescribed to help you recover from your opioid addiction when used in conjunction with therapy and group meetings. Suboxone reduces your physical withdrawal symptoms from opioids so you can focus on breaking your habits and dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of addiction.

What happens during addiction treatment?

The team at Pacifica Care of Suncoast offers chemical dependency treatment programs that combine Suboxone prescriptions with therapy and group meetings to help you recover from your addiction.

In addition to using Suboxone under close supervision and regular urine drug screenings, you’ll attend weekly group meetings to share your experiences and develop connections with people who have similar experiences. The community you find in groups helps develop a sense of accountability that can help you through cravings as well as a place to get support and other techniques to deal with challenges.

You’ll also have access to one-to-one therapy to address the emotions and thoughts that led to substance use in the first place. These sessions can teach you to recognize your thoughts and feelings so you can change your behaviors instead of relying on substances.

If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction, call or schedule an appointment online today to learn how the team at Pacifica Care of Suncoast can help.